Stumble between blocks

Joe Skorch

Hello Group,

I have been trying to figure out a stumble when exiting one block and entering another. The problem occurs when exiting track which is powered by a NCE Power pro and entering a block powered by a NCE PB5. I have measured the voltage in each section and what I am finding is 13.4 volts in the Power Pro section and 12.9 Volts in the Booster area. This was measured using a Fluke meter and I also measured the Voltage at the source to check for dropping voltage. During the testing I disconnected the booster power and with it disconnected I measured the voltage in the booster section to confirm that there was no voltage present, which there was not. What I did find has me really confused and wonder if it is a problem. When checking voltage across the rails I can connect one test lead to the powered section of rail and the other to the disconnected booster section and I am showing around 7 volts on either rail. I still have breakers and auto reversers connected on the output side. I am not real strong on electrical problems but I am wondering if this is a normal condition or could this be a problem area that I need to be concerned about? 

Thanks for any input,

Joe Skorch

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