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to add on....  the bus length has a little to do with wire size. It is not only about amps, it is about frequency on the wire and over 30 feet seems to have an effect on performance. The are ways to increase the length by adding a filter to the end of the bus. DCC is very very different then the old DC. The rules are different. read up on DCC,  here:

The coolest part is you can run as many engines on a single "block" as you can afford. BUT you do not have to run them all at the same time. When they are sitting idle, power is available but they do not use it until called on to move.

Kinda a like your cell phone. You pay $100's a month for all that access to data but how much do you really use when all you want to do is call home. Note to self, buy more cell phone stock.

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There is no limit to who many wires may be distributed from your booster.  The 30ft (10m) guideline is for the maximum length of any one wire.
Small clarification.

The 30Ft is the guideline for a given track bus length, not a wire..   60Ft of wire allows a 30Ft track bus run "out and back” (AKA rail A and rail B)..

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