Re: tortoise push button control

John Bishop

Have you considered using a NCE Switch-It?  It has connections to throw the switch by a momentary push-button that toggles the point position.  If you don't use DCC, you just use a separate 12-16 volt DC power supply. 

Each unit operates two switches (so two push buttons). 

John Bishop

On Monday, September 7, 2015 9:42 AM, "kennburr@... [WiringForDCC]" wrote:

I am in the process of wiring up my tortoise switch machine, and want to have a main control panel, plus two smaller control panels for each yard.  Most of the wiring schematics that I have seen for doing this involve wiring up DPDT switches on the control panels.  I wanted something simpler, easier, and cheaper.  I want to do it with push button switches, all wired the same.  So I came up with the schematic that I have just posted labeled as tortoise push button control.  When power is first applied to the circuit, the parallel combination of C1/R2 is charged to 1/2 Vcc through the voltage divided R1/R2.  When S1 is closed C1 discharges through the coil of RL1.  This pulls in the relay.  The coil is held in by the current RL1 and R1,  Any charge remaining on C1 discharges through R2, so when S1 or any of the other push button switches is pushed again C1 (now a short circuit) releases the relay, returning the circuit to its original condition.  What results is a toggled push-on/push off action. "M" on the schematic is the motor of the tortoise. Not showed on the schematic is that I will use a  4PDT relay and use the extra contacts to control LED's on the control panel to show the position of the turnout.

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