Re: JST 9-Pin Dummy Plug


A search for 9 pin jst on ebay turns up several choices for less than $1 each.
I don't have one so I can't measure the pin spacing. It is probably 1.25mm or 2.54mm.
You can crimp the terminals to make custom connectors and save more money, but you may
need a special crimp tool. I bought one for other connectors, but they are not cheap.
You may want to buy pre-made connectors unless you have a lot to do or a club purchase
might make some sense. You need good eyesight if you crimp your own.

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What I use is from TCS.

9-Pin JST Female Socket - 5 Pack $20.95

These are a 5 pack and you have to solder on the jumper wires to make a
shorting plug. They also com in handy for setting up a harness tester
to see if the wiring in a loco is faulty.


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