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Ulrich Albrecht <albreuf@...>


One of the statements I often heard about conversion from DC to DCC is
that if everything works under DC, just hook up a DCC booster, and things
will work. In my opinion, this has to be taken with a grain of salt, and
here are my reasons:

a) DC uses much lower current loads than DCC. I you use a booster like
Digitrax DB150 or DCS100, the maximum output is 5A, while a good power
pack in DC may deliver 2A. You may end up overloading your DC wiring with
a DCC-booster. I rewired my lauout completely.

b) DC is much less sensitive to shorts than DCC. This applies particular
to turnouts. A metal whell that short circuits a turnout may not be
noticed by the DC powerpack due to the short duration of the short, but it
will trigger the booster.

My sugestion, rewire the whole thing unless you have a AVG#18 power bus
(actually I would use AVG# 14 or lower when rewiring). The #18 is o.k.
unless your loads will exceed 3A, in this case it will cause a voltage
drop. Also make sure that all your wheels are in gauge, so that they do
not touch parts of switches which are connected to opposite outputs of the
booster. As far as Peco turnouts are concerned, I have no experience, but
if you do not have a short under DC, your set-up should work except for


--- In WiringForDCC@..., sawlumber@a... wrote:
I have an existing layout. I'm getting ready to change over to
DCC. I have
Electrofrog Peco turnouts. I have heard that if you put
insulators on the
frog rails and the stock rails of the switch, I won't have to
tear them out
and re-wire them? Any ideas?


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