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David Heine

The Zimo MX7/3 auto-reverser can also handle the too-short reversing section using three reversing sections. It's switching is done electronically, not with electro-mechanical relays.  It is also not inexpensive. An English manual can be found here:

Dave Heine
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Scott is right. There are lots of messages about staggered vs inline isolating gaps in the rails in more than this forum and it is mentioned in the Loy’s Toy’s instructions.


The Loy’s Toy’s design works when rail power is delivered to a non-powered section (called a portal) by simultaneously energizing BOTH rails of the portal as a loco truck with power pick-up wheels on each rail causes electrical jumpering of the gaps on both rails. [Look at the circuit… the detection relay of the un-powered portal cannot detect a loco until both rails of the portal become powered.] However, if you do not offset the gaps so that even isolated steel wheels on both sides of an axle can simultaneously fall into the ‘hole’ in the gaps and therefore touch both sides of the gaps at the same time, or fill the gaps with ‘plastic’ to prevent that, there is a possibility that a truck with steel wheels could be wrongly detected as that of a loco. Re-read the restriction of item #5 in my analysis file.


This is the only place where I have found that staggering the gaps actually does any good. All other Automatic-Reversers I have seen rely on a short circuit as the detection means to ‘activate’.   


Scott – if you would… Please post the Loy’s Toy’s instructions in that same folder.



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I got it to, Don, thanks as well. 


One thing that Tom Loy said in his instructions was to offset the gaps slightly so that wheels couldn't hit gaps in both  rails at the same time. I don't recall his reason, but I could look it up, if anyone is interested. I still have the original instructions filed away.


Scott Haycock




Got it.  Thanks very much.





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Ken, look at  in the wiringfordcc yahoogroups files section.




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Thanks very much for the suggestions.  Where can I get more information on the Loy's Toy's unit?





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Shorten the trains??


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I know my reversing sections should be longer than my longest train, but what are my best options when it isn't?

Ken Burr








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