Re: Reverse Polarity at Edge of Power District

Richard Sutcliffe


We have a similar situation to what you and Jerry describe.
When we converted to DCC the same question was asked.
The advice was the same. The short section of main track 1 just needs to be a foot or so long and match the phase of main track 1, then you can start the next block, with matching phase , of course.

Works a treat.

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We just had this same thing at our club.  We had a staging yard and two mainlines that were originally one block.  The mains formed a balloon track at the end of the yard, main 1 reversing into main 2. We decided to separate the two mainlines from the yard. We were already using an AR 1, and all worked fine. hen we separated out the mains as separate blocks, we ended up with main 1 consisting of the mainline and the balloon, and main 2 just being a mainline.  That didn't work, when a train crossed from the balloon to main 2, there was a short and jerk before the train started up again.  After a while it made sense to me that this was a mistake.  So, long story short, I reconfigured the setup so that a section of the track coming out of the balloon track was wired to main 1, and then to main 2, letting the AR1 do its job.  All is nwt back to the same smooth operation as before.
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