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As described, your present system has 5 power districts (separated by circuit breakers) all powered by the same single booster district.


If you add another booster and split the PSX-AR connections  then you would have 2 booster districts, one with 2 power districts and the other with 3 power districts.


As long as the booster commons are connected together having the booster district change at the end of an A-R section powered from the other booster will not cause any issues.


If you already have the PSX-AR units… Why would you want to go back to using manual DPDT switches for a reversing section?



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    I am not sure I completely understand your answer ("Yes") in relation to the OP's question.


On my layout, I have 1 DB150 for power and it feeds 2 PSX-ARs and 3 PSX's. With this configuration, I do believe that I have just 1 power district.


If instead, I add a DB150 as a booster and move the two PSX-ARs to it, then I would have 2 power districts and the reversing loop would be at the edge of a power district.


My belief is that neither scenario would present any difficulties.


And if I replaced the two PSX-ARs with PSXs and DPDT switches, I still would not have any difficulties with either scenario (other than operator error.



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