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Douglas, If your question is “Should the DCC bus be a continuous loop around the layout or be discontinuous ½ way around from the booster location”, you will get a mix of answers and arguments. Obviously the track may/can make a continuous loop without causing problems. I suggest that you make the DCC bus go around the layout in a continuous loop, with the attachment of the booster as a short ‘stub’ feeding the under the layout DCC bus. Add track feeders or ‘droppers’ as necessary around the layout. If you later notice DCC control problems in certain parts of the layout, Add an R-C snubber to the DCC bus supply loop ½ way around from the booster. If that does not resolve the DCC control issue, then cut the DCC bus into two pieces approximately equal length ½ way around the loop and add an R-C snubber to each lose end. Note that dividing up the track into insulated electrical blocks for signaling detection or circuit breaker protected power districts is a whole ‘nuther question…. But those sections can still be fed from the same main distribution bus.




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HI, I am a member of a Model Railway Club, here in Christchurch New Zealand. At long last the club has taken the first step in getting the layout ready for DCC. The layout is a double track continuous run of about 100ft on each track. The question arose as to whether the buses could be continuous or would they have to be terminate so that the boosters fed out in each direct from where they were situated.

You thoughts and ideas on this would be appreciated.




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