Lenz LB101 Occupancy Detector and Switches


I have never used a block occupancy detector before and therefore
ignorant in its operation. I have a reverse loop working well
using a Lenz LK100 Reverse Loop Module. I now want to integrate
occupancy detectors within that loop to switch the Y-turnout
controlling the loop (See Case 1 & 2).

Is it possible, WITHOUT USING SOFTWARE, to toggle a switch
automatically using a Lenz LB101 Occupancy Detector. Is there any
other item I would need to make this happen? Would Atlas Snap
switches be of any help? How would this be wired?

Reverse Loop Case 1 (Two Sections):

Is there anyway to automatically toggle a Y-switch in a reverse loop
depending upon whether a train is located within one half of the
loop or the other. I have a reverse loop using a Y-switch. The
loop itself is divided into 2 equal 80 in. sections connected with
insulated joiners. I am not planning to run trains on the loop > 60
in. I can put a Lenz Occupancy Detector on my power drops on
each of the two 80 in. loop sections. When a train enters the loop
in one 80 in. section and crosses over to the other 80 in. section I
would like to I would like to automatically toggle the Y-switch to
the opposite position, therefore having the train exit the reverse
without manual intervention. Can this be done?

Reverse Loop Case 2 (Three Sections):

I have an 170 in. reverse loop divided into three sections. The two
sections entering/exiting are each 80 in. long (section A & B).
These two sections and the farthest point in the loop are connected
to a 10 in. piece of track (section C) using insulated joiners. I
have power drops in all three sections. If I put the Lenz Occupancy
Detector in section C, can I automatically toggle the Y-switch to
its opposite direction. I am not going to be running any trains
through this reverse loop > 60 in. Ultimately, I want to have a
enter a Reverse Loop, in section A or B, passover section C which
has the Occupancy Detector which then toggles my Y-switch
allowing exit of the loop without any human intervention. Is this

Equipment I have:

Lenz LK100 Reverse Loop Module
Lenz LB101 Occupany Detector
Lenz LR101 Feedback Module

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