Re: Source for Track Bus Twisted Cable

Flash Gordon


Buy some 14 AWG and twist it your self using an electric drill. Twist as you go along or it will be difficult to add the feeders.


At 02:10 PM 4/4/2015, you wrote:

I am rewiring my track bus and would like to find a source for 2-conductor
14 AWG twisted pair wire. I have looked at a number of online hobby and
electronics stores, but can't seem to find this size in twisted cable. I
will be running my layout with the NCE PowerPro throttle + SB3a Booster (5
Amps). I have found the 22 AWG cable I will be using for my feeders, but not
the larger size. Suggestions?

Thank you kindly,

Marvin Pankaskie

Fairport, NY 14450

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