Re: tortoises for 3 way turnout


Lotsa ways to control two Tortii for a 3-way. Here's mine.
I built all my switch control panels with spdt toggles, powered with + and - 12V. With +12V and -12V available, it becomes really easy to do the 3-way.

Use an SP3T On-On-On switch like the C&K 7211:

With +12 across one side(terms 1,4), -12 across the other(terms 3,6), wire the two center poles(terms 2,5) to one side of each tortoise. The other side of both goes to the power supply common.

Now you have a three position toggle switch to align your tortoise pair appropriately. The exact wiring will depend on how you've mounted the tortoises, but that's the gist of it.

How it works:
Build a truth table.
Route A Route B Route C
Tortoise A left left right
Tortoise B left right right
The sp3T works by connecting tortoise A(term2) to term 1 in two positions, while tortoise B(term5) is connected to Term 4 in one position.
The opposite happens for terms 3 and 6, obviously.
- if one or both tortoise go the wrong way, reverse pins 1 and 8 on the offending tortoise
- if the wrong tortoise changes position between A and B, switch terms 2 and 5.
That should do it.

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