Re: Can an auto reverser be between two boosters?

Richard Sutcliffe

I was considering the situation where the wye was not a stub tail, and the tail could join to the end of the east bound track.
This would form a reverse loop using the Western leg of the wye,
An Eastbound train could enter through the West leg, through the tail to rejoin the mainline Westbound.
A following Eastbound train could do the backup move because the route was blocked by the other train.
Now we have a Westbound train at both reverser interfaces.
Just sayin’

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Physically True.   But the first train could never be able to get out since it would be blocked by the second.  Its a stub wye.  The entire process of reversing the train would require the entire wye.   So there would be no purpose in doing so.   

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Almost no pit-falls.

If a train is exiting the tail of the wye, while another train is exiting the return loop you could have the auto reverser confused.
Would also happen if the same train is traversing both endpoints.
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I basically understand how auto reversing circuits work. However in all the applications I have seen they are 1 power district of a booster with “one way in and one way out” (An eastbound train comes to the junction and could continue east, but instead backs around the tail of the wye (north) so it can then head back west.  That north tail usually dead ends. 

Yes, this is the classic reverse loop.

Now, what if the tail of the wye continues north and that track eventually connects to a track powered by another booster?  Is that possible?

Yes.  The number of booster involved does not mater.

Autoreverser are not limited to reverse loops.  It can work on a “wye” as you have described.

Autoreverser are use in ANY situation where the polarity of the rail must dynamically change.

Are there any pit-falls?


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