The Post Radio Shack World


Radio Shack's bankruptcy announcement ruined my Friday evening.  I have made the following changes to my website in this new world without Radio Shack.

1.  I have erected tombstones in the Parts section.  For now, I will leave the table of Radio Shack part numbers as Radio Shack is having cost-cutting sales to clear inventory and you may want to know what to buy.  In a few months, I will delete this table.

2.  In the Soldering section, I have removed the picture of the Radio Shack third hand and replaced it with the one from Micro-Mark.  I also added more information about the Micro-Mark and X-Acto third hands.

3.  In the Track part II section, for the bus-termination RC-networks, I have added part numbers for ordering from Mouser.  In a few months, I'll delete the Radio Shack part numbers.

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