Update to Wiring For DCC


The following updates have been made to the Wiring For DCC website:

1.  Soundtraxx Tsunami SoundCar.  This one has been on the website for a few months, but I've been too busy to announce it.  Put speed sensitive clickity-clack and other car-based sounds in your rolling stock.

2.  The Frog Juicer - automatic frog polarity controller.  This one has been on the site for a while but I have added information for using them with block detection.

3.  Using the 3156 taillight bulb.  The 1156 is getting harder to find.  Also included information on why an LED cannot be used as a substitute for a taillight bulb.

Links to these updates can be found in the "What's New?" section of my website at:


Allan Gartner

Wiring For DCC

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