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Jim Zarnick

Thanks for the quick reply.  It is non-polarized so no issue there.


However, not sure how far away I can actually get it from my NCE EB1 circuit breakers.  I will try to describe.  I have a 12 gauge bus that runs around the layout with various distribution panels coming off of it.  At each distribution panel there is one or more EB1 circuit breakers. From the EB1 it is a short hop to either a Miller Engineering Distribution Board or a Miniatronics Terminal Block where wires spawn off to the various blocks that are in the neighborhood.  With one side of each pair heading to a track block going through an BD20 block detector. 


So it appears my only option to place the RC is “hung off the Distribution Board/Terminal Block”  since any further away would be at the end of wiring heading to a specific track block and after a block detector.


I can post a picture if the above didn’t paint it clear enough.


p.s.  this forum is great!


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As long as they are non-polarized… none whatsoever.


They will do the most good when placed at the far end of a DCC bus run. Placing one right at the load side of an electronic CB does little good. I suggest moving that one ½ way down the distribution bus.



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about ready to add RC circuits on my layout after each circuit breaker (6) and the end of the corresponding bus.


the 0.1 microfarad capacitors I have are rated to 1000V.  any concern with using a 1000V capacitor versus a 50V?



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