Altering LED light strands for layout use

Cameron Davis

I hope this is a good place to ask this question.
I incorporate Porcelain houses into my Christmas display.
The houses are designed for C7, 7 watt bulbs.
I purchased several strands of LED Christmas lights to use in my display.
I found that 2 bulbs gave about the same of light as the C7.
I know little about LED lights.

I am assuming that the stand of 50 lights in 2 power districts have build in resistors.

IF a bulb is removed the complete section is DEAD.

Now for the question,
Is it possible to remove a bulb, connect the wire ends, as if no bulb existed?
IF a group of 25 LED were to be stripped down to 12, keeping math relatively simple, would the LED be brighter?
I do not know where the resistor is in the stand, would it need to be replaced do a different size and or would the LED be brighter with the reduction of number of LEDs lit?

Again, not knowing LED physics, am I looking at any fire hazard with this thought process?

Just to add to the reasoning of my question, the LEDs on the strand are too close to each other and I have about 2/3 of the lights under the layout doing me no good.  I want to decrease the number and increase the brightness.

Thank you for all input and suggestions.

Cameron D
NE Florida

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