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I also appreciate the comments by others.

I you run with a hot pantograph on many layouts both rails of the tracks might already be connected together as common ‘ground’. Using a second part of a DPDT switch to connect the decoder black wire of the track connection to both rails while always picking up power from the overhead wire would make it totally compatible with most existing ‘street car’ type layouts. Obviously this is not compatible with 2-rail DCC as both sides of the truck wheels would be connected together. But there would be no need for rail or pantograph gaps or auto-reversing contraptions.


Flipping the DPDT switch the other way could connect it back up for 2-rail DCC with a dead pantograph.


But, if single rail continuity is good, or at least as good as the catenary, and either rail connection will return power to the source there should be no need for the additional switch part to return power to both rails.




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Thank’s for the explanations. I conclude there is no problem in connecting the pantographs wire to the left terminal of the switch, if I want DCC operation from overhead, which is my main question. Another question is related with breaks in the connection from overhead that may be solved by dual power pick-up or ”keep-alive”, as you stated. However, I intend to run the engine as two rails and only occasionally from overhead.


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