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Thanks Glenn You kind of hit on what I was wondering about. Not sure if I needed some kind of load (motor) on the decoder for my sprog to be able to talk to the decoder. I am trying to program decoders that I have laying around.  I could open up a loco and put the decoder in it  but that  would take some time . I have a old kato circuit board that has the 8 pin socket on it. I cut away what I did not need and just left the traces on the board I needed. I just think it would be nice to be able to just plug in a decoder and program on the fly.Thanks Glenn

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It would be better to acquire a wiring harness with an 8-pin female socket. The pre-wired socket makes for a safer connection that to try and keep (assuming) alligator clips from shorting to other pins on the decoder. Pre-wired socket are available, but buy what your DCC source has available. An 8-pin socket attached to a 9-pin plug can have the 9-pin plug cut off.
Baring that purchase an 8-pin socket and wire it yourself.
Attach the track wires to pins 4 (Black Wire) and 8 (Red Wire).
You will also need a load on Pins 1 (Orange Wire) and 5 (Gray Wire). For a load I use and old can motor with a spoked wheel attached to the shaft. The spokes wheel allows me to see if the motor is running.
You can also use the remaining wires with LED’s / Lamps attached to test those functions.

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Subject: [WiringForDCC] programing a decoder thats not in a loco

Can I use the two wires that would normally go to the programing track ,and hook them up  directly to pins 4 and 8 on a decoder to program a address? Thanks in advance Roger

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