Address management for DCC device addresses

Gregory Latiak

I am just finishing up the physical wiring of my small Digitrax layout and am in the process of design/build for a control panel and signalling scheme. It hit me, while contemplating the rules for the signal addresses, that my layout is starting to look very much like a primitive network, like the early days of the Internet when one maintained and edited name/network address lists. Only with DCC there appears to be no management layer for the addresses or any logical name scheme either. But plenty of vendor-specific rules about address blocks and relationships.

While I recognize that for something like JMRI or Trainmaster to function all the addresses must be collected and embedded in its configuration. I refer of course to locos, stationary decoders for turnouts and other device control, signal systems and so forth.

Any software tools out there to help beyond yet another spreadsheet?


Greg Latiak

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