Re: Wiring Accessory Lamps to the DCC Bus

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You can use DCC power to operated incandescent bulbs, but the voltage rating needs to be 14-16 volts, not 12. Otherwise they will be extra bright and not last very long. An alternative would be to add a resistor or a couple of back-back diodes (~0.7to 1V drop in either direction of current) in series with the bulb to lower the actual voltage reaching a 12V rated bulb. A different method would be to use a single diode in series with the bulb to cut the average voltage down to ~7 Vdc. If you do this, be sure to alternate the connected polarity on multiple loads so as to even out + and – current load on the booster.

Yes, you can also use DCC track power to run LEDs, but be sure to use a diode to protect the LED from reverse voltage and a resistor to limit the current. LED loads are so small in milliamps that I wouldn’t worry about half-wave loads on the booster.



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Thanks, Glenn.


Is it as simple as just wiring the 12 volt incandescent bulbs to the DCC bus and adding the proper resistors to the LEDs?



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