Re: Peco electro frog point rail to closure rail wiring

William Teeters <cozyflyr9398@...>

Use an heavear  wire, You will nor have to remove spring. other benefits are the spring will hold the rail to either side for better contact. Bill Teeters

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Hi Don,
I don't actually have the tortoise attached to the turnout just yet. I have only removed the centering-over spring from the turnout and was wondering why the points are not completely free similar to the old style atlas turnouts where you could move the points anywhere, but on these it appears that the hinge of the points always automatically returns the points to the non divergent track.

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Scott, the actuating wire of the tortoise is acting like a spring. You need to move the tortoise motor to the other position and it will tent to stay there also.


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Hi Paul,

Sorry I wasn't clearer. I do not have the tortoise installed at this point. I'm just starting to get the turnouts ready for installation. I thought that once I removed the spring, the point would be completely free to move by hand to center the points, but it seems that they always want to return to the normal position by default. In other words when I move the points to the curve side of the turnout and release them, they immediately return to the straight side of the turnout. It's as if the hinge part of the points has a spring to return the points back.

I am sure the tortoise will be able to hold the points, but I was curious as to why the points snap back to the straight thru rail.



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