I put a DZ143 into the 1st MP15 I got and get 'NO PG' on every CV I
try to read.
I have a Chief, DT400, and seperate program track.
The loco runs on default address and the lights function normally.
I can program a different 2 digit address into it - again no read
back - and it performs OK.
Cannot program a 4 digit address tho.

Took the 2nd loco motor and hooked it up to decoder and program
track with the same results on another DZ143, Lenz 0511 and TCS M1.
Took an Atlas motor and hooked it up and can read all CV's.
This MP15 motor has no visible brushes, just wires going into the
motor similar to the 12v motors on some toy cars.

Read ohms on the Atlas motor = 159
Read ohms on the MP15 motor = 69

Apparently the decoder can't 'see' a motor, thus no feedback on CV's.

My question: If the decoder is set to see a certain amount of
resistance (which appears to be the case from my test) and this
value is too low, can it be changed in the decoder?
If not, what is the solution to feed back?
I've run the scenario by Digitrax also.

Only thing I could figure, is to hook up an Atlas (or Kato) motor to
decoder and to program track and program the decoder with the 4
digit address I want and then install it in the MP15 which I'll try

Any electronical wizard thoughts?


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