Re: Adding sound to existing silent older decoders

Ed S <eschwerkolt@...>

Could you program the two decodes in a consist mode?

Ed S

At 12:47 PM 4/7/2014, you wrote:

The problem with that, Bill, is that many of the
engine sounds are coordinated with speed control
of the motor. You can add a sound decoder and
fiddle with the CVs of both units to coordinate
the sound with motor commands to accelerate and
decelerate to the commanded speed, but you still
will not have some of the load controlled
features. AND… you would be spending the same
amount of money, now for two decoders in the
same loco. Why not pull the motor only decoder
out and install a full blown sound decoder to
control both motor and sound, then use the motor only decoder somewhere else?

However, with O scale you may have a valid point
that a sound decoder capable of handling the
ampere demand of your loco may not be available.
Or, if one is available it may be significantly
more expensive. In that case you could add sound
by adding a lower cost sound unit of your choice
while leaving the present motor control intact.
With smaller scales, there may not be enough
room to have two decoders and a speaker.


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