Re: Swiching power off of un-used sidings

Kurt Konrath

Pros are you can leave sound engines on siding and not have them running at idle.  Also when powering up if sound equipped engine are all connected to track power you can trip circuit breakers due to inrush caused by sound engines. 

Cons a cost of switch and wire plus you have to remember to power tracks when entering and leaving

If you don't have lots of sound equipped engines. Of much benefit to saving power. 

Just my two cents

Kurt K

On Mar 22, 2014, at 11:21 PM, <capnchuck@...> wrote:


Someone told me it was a good idea to put a switch on non frequently used sidings and track areas areas like round houses  where locomotives not in use would be just sitting parked on live tracks.
Although this does make sense, additional wiring will be required, Sub bus may have to be created, etc.
Has anyone done this? Or what may be the Pro's & Cons?

Chuck Stiles

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