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Why don't you just use a solder with the flux included?  I don't see the need to use anything other than that and I am joining with track that I got off of EBay and is oooooolllllddddddd.  

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Acid flux for electrical is a NO NO! Even cleaned it can still be corrosive!  Please do not recommend it. It is used for galvanized metals/tin knockers. It does impede a good solder joint. Even a plumbing joint gets messed up.
RMA(rosin flux) is readily available and now even in convenient pens for dispensing. Water clean flux is also on the market.
Len Jaskiewicz

>I use acid flux and solid solder for rail and rosin core flux for
wire. Both solders are very thin. Clean with alcohol and tooth brush.

I do not know how you could do it without flux. I guess I have never tried.

But the most important thing is that the parts to be soldered are
clean and mechanically connected. I use a brass brush on my Dremel
for the rail.

People that do not allow things like this in their house probably
still cook with Teflon coated pans which are even more dangerous to
your health.

Ed S

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