Loops and Extended Buses

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Hi All  I agree Len.
What is interesting is that a 180 foot, untwisted bus and looped back on itself functioned without shutting down the command station/booster. Or am I preprogrammed because I use Digitrax exclusively, along with the odd PSX from DCC Specialties.
Somewhere along the line someone mentioned that NCE systems can be used that way, ie with a looped bus.
If one used the 30 foot rule in either direction  (60 feet), then in a 180 foot continuous loop track , two boosters and a  command station should be used correct?
I have read you can go 30' in any direction, even say a star 5 arms each 30' or less.
So what then is limiting the bus to only 30' in a single direction regardless of whether its power is rated 8 or 5 or 3 amps?

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Maybe it's time to put the hot snubber to bed and open a discussion as to loops and wiring! That might be more informative and productive.

Len Jaskiewicz

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