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Thank you for explaining that. Bill Teeters

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>His instructions recommend not to using a continuous loop but he
does not give a reason.

The answer is here: NMRA
Standard S-9.1.2 - 5 end of section.
“5. Topology
Only one Command Station signal generator output or Power Station Interface Repeater output
155 may be connected to a Power Station Interface. Inputs of many Power Stations may be connected
in parallel connection to the two wires of the bus. It is acceptable to use tree, star, and daisy chain
connections. However, it is not allowed to connect any part of this bus in a loop. The bus, or
branches, must not create a loop to themselves or to another branch. If multiple Power Station
Interfaces are used on a layout, they must not be interconnected. They should be clearly identified
160 to eliminate possible cross connecting.”
This implies that it is the same track. They should not form a loop.

Good day digital.
La réponse est ici :
Cela sous-entend qu’il en est de même pour les rails. Ils ne doivent pas former une boucle.
Bonne journée en numérique.

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