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Max Maginness

Err…  I think you have your Joules and BTU’s  tangled here……




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The definition of 'hot' is subjective. If you pinch a resistor between your fingers for 4 or 5 seconds and it is dissipating even 1/4 watt it will feel 'hot'. 1/4 watt for 4 seconds (1 watt-second = 1 Joule) and is enough heat energy to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree F. Compare the mass of your fingers with a pound of water and you can guess how long it will take to raise the temperature of your finger to a sensitive or even uncomfortable level. If the capacitor is shorted, the resistor will see full track voltage across it. 14V x 14V / 100 ohms = nearly 2 watts.


If you have substituted a different R & C network in that same location and it does not get 'hot', the original capacitor is either the wrong value or faulty. Please throw it out and let's get off this subject.



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