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To my non-electrical engineer's mind, these comments are way over my head.

Are you saying that my failure to twist my bus wires are the cause of a hot snubber and, if so, why only one and why this one?

What on the layout, or what it is about my layout, other than non-twisted bus wires, could cause this to happen?


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Len, if I have a "trouble spot", can you speculate for me on what might produce a trouble spot?

I'm trying my best to explain this to you and everyone else here! The DCC track power is a switching square wave with sharp rising and and falling edges. Parasite components such as inductance and capacitance due to wiring is inevitable! These cause excessive spiking of voltage at the rising and falling edges!
Twisting of wires or much wider separation, etc. is common practice to reduce the parasite components. It is very common practice to place snubbers(transient supressors) at a trouble spot to reduce the spiking.
I'd like all to at least do the Google search on 'snubber waveforms' as well as a Wiki search on 'snubber' versus 'R/C filter' so we all get a better understanding!
Learning and problem solving go hand in hand! Mere speculation leads to misconceptions.
Regards to all,
Len Jaskiewicz

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