Re: Hot Snubber

Flash Gordon


New drawing posted.

Feeders....  rule of thumb.  Every 6 to 10 feet.

Ed S

At 10:07 AM 3/15/2014, you wrote:

Ed, if I open the loop at that point, you say to gap both rails at that point.

Help me out with that a little.  Where exactly would I gap the rails?

I very well understand the concept of gapping rails, several reversing sections on my layout and some sections gapped for occupancy detection.  But why and where would I gap the rails when I open the bus wires?


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I posted a solution in your photo folder. You can remove it if you do
not agree.

As others have said, it shows the loop as open. I can see no
advantage in having a closed loop so this solution will not change
how the layout operates. The track at that point also has to be
gapped, both rails. Just cut with Dremel cut off wheel. Later fill
the gap with plastic so they do not creep together.

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