Re: Hot Snubber

Skip Barber

Open the loop, I'll bet you see a difference. And it costs you nothing in time or money. 

Skip Barber

On Mar 15, 2014, at 9:16, <redking56@...> wrote:

If the solution is to twist the bus wires, then I am going to have to live with the problem.

At this stage of my layout development, twisting the bus wires would be an enormous undertaking, what with feeders connected and bus wires anchored, etc, etc.  Ain't gonna happen.

Now, I will remind everyone who is following this thread that when I replaced the hot snubber yesterday, the new snubber is a lot less hot.  The resistor is a bit warm, but I can grasp it in my fingers.  At this time, it is no warmer than most of the other snubbers on my bus wires.

What if I took that hot snubber and inserted it somewhere on the bus wires, perhaps near one that is cooler?


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