The Most Aggravating Layout

hazel6ton <hazel6ton@...>

I have a 4 by 8 layout which I recently converted to DCC. I am using a
Digitrax Zephyr System. It initially ran well at first, but then I
started getting sporadic response in my engines. I especially get this
sporadic response around 18" radius turns and in my turnouts.

My layout consists of an outside oval mainline interconnected to an
inside oval at several locations by turnouts.

I am running two Proto 2000 engines. GP7 equipped with a Soundtraxx
decoder. Also a Alco S-1 with a Digitrax decoder.

What is uncanny about all this is my engines ran well then just
started to barely respond to DCC.

My analog engine runs better than my decoder engines.

Can anyone shed light on this problem?

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