Re: Hot Snubber


Hi Len,

To answer your questions, 

No, the bus wires are not twisted, and the two bus wires are pretty much right next to each other.

Regarding the hot snubber, I would have never noticed it except for the fact that I was working on some wiring under the layout and happened to notice it.  I wonder how many modelers ever check the snubbers since they are under the layout, out of sight and out of mind.

I cannot help but wonder, why this particular snubber?  If "the snubber is doing its job as intended", what is it doing, and how would it be noticed except by chance.

I go back to my original question.  Why is this particular snubber hot, and is it anything to be concerned about?

I really appreciate all of the help and attention that this thread has brought on, but I remain mystified as to whether I have a problem and, if I do, how to fix it.


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