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They are still sold by American Companies even though the parts are made in China, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico.  Tony's, Yankee Dabbler, ModelTrainStuff, All Electronics, Small Bear, Parts Express would all appreciate the business.

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From what I read I go with...

1. it is not a snubber or a terminator (Arnold agrees), it is a RC
filter as per Mark G
( the title of the section on this subject in should be changed)
2. it should be placed at the end of a long bus
3. it can be placed anywhere on the bus where you have problems
4. the command station has a built in RC filter so none is needed near the C.S.
5. I ordered a bunch of parts from China (why buy in US they are all
made in China, you are just paying a middle man)

As to the hot one, we need the original poster to tell us the results
of the suggestions he received.

Ed S

At 04:05 PM 3/11/2014, you wrote:
>Has the hot snubber issue resolved? There were many responses even
>though some seemed to get away from the original problem.
>Post/share your results or findings!
>Len Jaskiewicz

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