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Agree Ed.......Len, why not look at the output of the command station then put this output thru
the booster you built and look at it's output and compare the two outputs. If they
are same or close to the same you should have a successful build!


Phil Euper in SC

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I do not understand why you would test it with out sending DCC
packets. Isn't that the point?

Ed S

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Thanks Mark,

MERG UK has some pretty neat stuff as kits for very reasonable cost.
Membership is needed but cheap. The boosters are $45 for a complete
kit and I've verified that NCE users have them and work well. I
haven't looked into the front end as to the driver chip and DCC
packet protocol, but it just dawned on me I can bypass that and test
the power output section. That's where the smoke and heat is.

I always look for a sanity check!

Len Jaskiewicz


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