Re: Garden layouts/Booster Protective Housing


Weather proof wiring is easy but a little expensive. You can use Type UF wire and make your splices in underground, grease filled splice packs from your local electrical supply. If the distances are not too long or too many, multiple runs are better than splices. Mounting electronics out doors is tedious and expensive, while running a number of wires can be reasonable. Track connections are important out doors, I found that mechanical clamps are and excellent value.

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I debated whether to put the boosters in waterproof housings and try to run network cable through the garden or mount everything in the garage.  I opted to put everything in the garage.  As it turned out, the Texas summers are so hot, that I needed to add fans to my wall mounted boosters.  If I had tried to mount them in waterproof housings in the sun, I surely would have been in trouble. 


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