Re: Hot Snubber

Flash Gordon

Sounds like you had a bad capacitor.... throw it and the red hot resistor away.

If you do not like the resistors being warm swap a warm pair with a cool pair and see if the heat goes with the warm pair. If it does scrap the warm pair and replace them. I have suggested this before. It is the only way to see if the warm pair are defective or you have some other problem.

Personally I do not like warm components, that is a loss/waste of current turning to heat.

Ed S

At 03:14 PM 3/14/2014, you wrote:

I made my way over to my local Radio Shack today and picked up a capacitor, 0.1 uF,250 WVDC (272-10530 and a pair of resistors, 100 ohm, 1 Watt (271-152).

Since a pair of resistors came in the package, I decided to first replace the 1/2 watt resistor with a 1 watt resistor while keeping the original capacitor. Result: the 1 watt resistor was red hot.

So, I soldered the other 1 watt resistor to the new capacitor and soldered it in place of the older assembly. The resistor was very warm but not hot so that I could hold onto it between my fingers.

In both cases, the capacitor was cool to the touch.

I went along my layout and examined the other snubbers. All of the capacitors were cool. Some of the resistors were cool, some were warm, none was hot.



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