Re: Hot Snubber

Flash Gordon

From what I read I go with...

1. it is not a snubber or a terminator (Arnold agrees), it is a RC filter as per Mark G
( the title of the section on this subject in should be changed)
2. it should be placed at the end of a long bus
3. it can be placed anywhere on the bus where you have problems
4. the command station has a built in RC filter so none is needed near the C.S.
5. I ordered a bunch of parts from China (why buy in US they are all made in China, you are just paying a middle man)

As to the hot one, we need the original poster to tell us the results of the suggestions he received.

Ed S

At 04:05 PM 3/11/2014, you wrote:


Has the hot snubber issue resolved? There were many responses even though some seemed to get away from the original problem.

Post/share your results or findings!

Len Jaskiewicz

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