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O.K. A lot of interest in this. The two legs that make up the inner rails are fragile. The insulators are the gaps. If needed, Maybe Peco should furnish insulators to make up the gap. I'm sure this would increase the cost of the switch, Plus, The distributor and Hobbie dealer would factor in a profit if the addition were added. Bill T

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Hmmm, OK, since no one seems to want to address the question as I originally phrased it, I will withdraw the question.  Thanks, anyhow.

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Peco does gap them, but they call them Insulfrogs.
Bill Aulicino
I don't plan on cutting any gaps.  As I mentioned at the outset, it was just idle curiosity.  
It just seems to me that in every instance, someone using an Electrofrog is going to gap those rails, so it seems logical that Peco ought to do it for you.

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