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Yes you have to insulate the two inside rails to keep from shorting out. Just like you would with a Walthers switch. Bill T

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Bill, I am not sure that I understand your reply.  I also have Insulfrogs on my layout, and I am quite satisfied with them.  But, I was asking about the Peco Electrofrog.


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Take a good look at the construction. Pretty fragile huh?. I have about 150 Peco Insulfrog switches and quite satisfied with them. Some are ten-twelve years old. Bill Teeters CP&W RR, as seen at

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Subject: [WiringForDCC] Peco Electrofrog - Adding Gaps

I have several Peco Insulfrogs on my layout, and I understand how they work with their power routing feature and without the need to add gaps to prevent shorts.

I do not have any Peco Electrofrogs on my layout, but I do understand how they work and the need to gap the inside rails leading from the frog to prevent shorts.

My question is this.  Why doesn't Peco just cut those two gaps on the inside rails?  I am trying to imagine a situation in which the Peco Electrofrog can operate without cutting those two gaps.

Can someone enlighten me?


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