Re: infrared operation digitrax

wirefordcc <wire4dcc_admin@...>


I am running Digitrax wireless. I don't have any experience with
the IR. However, I can say that in wireless everything works as it
should. I can't think of any reasons why IR should be any
different. Does everything work properly when you are plugged into
Loconet directly?

I think you asked another Digitrax questions a few days ago
regarding running on analog address 00. Long term operation on
address 00 can damage some motors. Also, if the locomotive is
running on track where the booster is set to autoreverse, the
locomotive may leap into reverse derailing your train. So use of
address 00 is probably best used for testing out new locomotives but
not day to day operation.


--- In WiringForDCC@..., "mhn_416" <mhn_416@y...> wrote:
i have set up an infrared system on my lay out . my question to
you is
when in the tetherless mode with analog train certain functions do
work such as reverse ,emergancy stop. have i done something wrong
in my
set up .dt 400 throttle, ir operation with 2 ur90's


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