Re: reverser gaps

Flash Gordon


Just a thin gap, but fill it with plastic, thin styrene works. Super glue in place, then lightly file to shape. This would help keep a metal wheel from touching both rails at the same time and more important keep the rails from creeping together and shorting.

But wait there is more. Read the instructions for your reverser.... Yes I know nobody does..... My reverser instructions recommended the gaps should be staggered a bit so the reverser would work better. Yours may not.

Ed S

At 02:22 PM 3/2/2014, you wrote:

Ok I have run into a problem on my layout where I need to have a reverser in a section. My question is how big must the gap be? Big enough that a wheel rolling across it does not 'bridge' the gap? Or does it need to be long enough that a truck can fit in it? I'm inclined to thing that it only need to be big enough for a wheel but I want to be sure before I start cutting track.

Bob P.

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