Flash Gordon


30 feet seems to be the rule of thumb. For your layout the straight trailer wire seems like a good idea. Why not twist the trailer wire if your are a belt & suspenders kinda guy.

(As for current capacity I do not know your wire size. On my long pontoon boat trailer I had to remove the 4 wire stuff and go with heavy #14 wire because the tail and clearance lights would dim when the turn signal flashed. Actually I had a fire inside the frame, the trailer is very old and the wire must have rubbed bare. When I went to replace it with new 4 wire, I discovered the dimming problem, so the new 4 wire must be a lighter gauge.)

BUT I digress, only run DCC track power on the four wires if you need all four. Do not mix throttle control from a command station to a hand throttle on those wires. The command set of wires has to be away from the track feeding wire.

Ed S

At 03:21 PM 3/1/2014, you wrote:

At what length does the wire have to be twisted? 5 feet 20 feet? I am working with a 4x8 layout and my main bus/power feed is Reese vehicle trailer wire.

So it's not twisted. I went with this stuff because my table is actually 3 32" sections and I wanted a quick way to bridge the sections. The idea is to be able to easily move the layout form room to room.

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