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Ross Kudlick



A track power “bus” can easily have 2 ends.  If you feed your “bus” near the middle (think of a “T”) the “bus” now has 2 ends.  Putting the booster in the middle of the “bus” run effectively reduces your “bus” length by half.  A 60-foot “bus” becomes 2 30-foot “busses.”  Many consider this as “best practice” when designing a DCC installation.


If you put your booster at the end of the “bus” you would only need one terminator. 




Ross Kudlick

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Here is a little item I had overlooked.  Quoted from

"Solution for unterminated bus ends:

The name of this problem suggests the solution - terminate your bus ends. This is simple and inexpensive to do. Just put this "RC network " at each end of your long buses. Yes, you will need two of these circuits for each bus ­ one at each end."

What does he mean  one at each end?  A buss has one end..... or do you need to put one near the booster also.

How many have done that?

Ed S

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