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I agree that it looks like it is not a decoder problem.  But I believe the owner meant to say "my engines are just creeping  ...[when I have them].... at full throttle".  Would this still be some sort of DC problem or a command station problem?

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hello all hope you are enjoying your layouts I was until I hit the wrong buttons on the controller and all my engines are just creeping at full throttle can anyone help me get my layout up running again its making me very unhappy to do the wrong cv's and don't know how it happened and how to change it back is it the throttle or is it the engines would be very thankful for your help thanks B.N.S.F. pete

If ALL of you engine suddenly take off together, it does NOT sound like a decoder problem but a layout electrical problem.

Do you by chance still have a DC throttle connected to the layout or more specifically do you have anything other than JUST your DCC system connected to the track?

Did you recently do any wiring with the layout?  

What did you do between the last time you ran the layout without problems and now?

The symptom sound like there is some form of DC power on the least the decoder do.   Some devices left connected to the track that have nothing to do with DCC operation can confuse decoders into thinking they are seeing DC and take off at full speed.

Although you can disable this DC operation feature in each decoder, the real problem is to find out why all of a sudden this is happening and fix the root cause.

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