Re: cv's gone wrong

Flash Gordon

Hello Pete,

I am not trying to chase you away but each DDC command system is different. You may get better answers if you join the group that uses your specific type of controller. You will probably be told to set all the decoders back to factory settings, then start over. How to do that depends on the manufaturer.

Ed S

At 07:58 PM 2/25/2014, you wrote:

hello all hope you are enjoying your layouts I was until I hit the wrong buttons on the controller and all my engines are just creeping at full throttle can anyone help me get my layout up running again its making me very unhappy to do the wrong cv's and don't know how it happened and how to change it back is it the throttle or is it the engines would be very thankful for your help thanks B.N.S.F. pete

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