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We agree.. Also I think twisiting the main bus makes it easier to work with, I use solid wire and I think the twist keeps a bend better. I use 3M connectors and it is not hard to untwist a little and insert them. But if anyone plans to solder then the twist gets in the way.

I think Mark's statement on the other DCC forum was a typo or misunderstanding of the question. I read them also.

In re-reading the Wiring web site I learned again that Romex's internal wire is to far apart to use. At one point I was going to do that because I have a lot of Romex stored in the barn. It is a devil to strip out Romex.

Ed S

At 03:36 PM 2/23/2014, you wrote:

<<The two main bus wire are not separated. They are either twisted or kept
close together. The comment about being 6 inches apart refers to the main
bus verses the throttle bus. Those two bus'es should not be close together.



Mark did indeed make those comments on Wiring for DCC. And in the
commentary you point to he does advocate twisting the wires, and I
personally keep my pairs together, and while I don't always twist them
(there's a story behind that), I personally don't advocating keeping the
DCC track bus wires separate - keep them tight together and preferable

However, with in the past couple of days or so, on this or one of the other
DCC related forums, Mark has stated that keeping the two wires in the track
bus separated by 6 inches or so is acceptable. As I mentioned in a
previous post, I wouldn't do that simply because of the extra space it takes
up under the layou.

The command bus should indeed be kept separate from the track buss, but I
sure wouldn't settle for a six inch minimum unless I had absolutely no other

Best regards,

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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