Hi Everybody,

I actually think I may have gotten this!!! Please let me know if this is correct or if any part is wrong.

I have a narrow gauge layout, it is three levels overall.
1-I can use a booster with #12-#14 wire to feed track up to 30' away in a single direction. 
2-The 30' would be from the booster to the end of the wire, including any sub-bus
3-I can also run other bus wires in a different direction as  long as it is not 30' away either.
4-I can use this booster to power bus's on three levels  as long as they are not longer then 30' long.
5-I would put the booster under the lowest level's benchwork with power bus's going to the left and the right 30' as well as up to the second and third levels. (The wiring would look like a tree with three pairs of branches).
6-The track that is at the ends of this booster's block would be insulated from the next boosters block.
7-The benchwork is plywood with sectons 8' long or close to it. each section will have an on-off toggle switch as well as a terminal strip at each end for trouble shooting. Somewhere close to the ends of these sections both rails will be insulated, the track will be laid right over these benchwork sections. Should a secton ever need to be removed then track would then be cut.
8- Loose ends. The last section of a the layout would not have a sub-bus, just the bus wire. The ends of the bus's will be terminated. The bus wires will be kept seperated by a few inches. The sub-bus wires will be #16-#18 wire. Feeder wire will be kept short, 6" or so and be #20-#24 wire soldered to the center of each section of rail. Each section of rail will be soldered to either a feeder or a rail with a feeder. ALL wire will follow a color coding system. Wires at terminal strips will be soldered to loop connectors. All other wire to wire connections will be soldered. 

The layout will probably never have more then 5 pieces of motive power. Turnouts are LitCo's with Blue Point Controlers, so the frogs are powered. The rail is not weathered. There will be slight gaps (0.010") at the rails ends to allow for expansion.

If any one has any comments or suggestions I am more then willing to hear them. Thanks 

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