Re: Emergency stop button -- IMHO

Bernie Halloran

The lights in my 1,000 sq foot layout room are on 5 circuits; the total of 4 is 20 amps, and that’s for the overhead lights to illuminate the layout. One more 15 amp circuit handles incidental lighting for cruising around the basement without lighting it up like summertime noon.  The railroad NCE booster and step-down voltage for all switch machines, LED signals, and excruciating sounds from the slaughter house and rock crusher are all controlled by one switch with an “on” light.  When it’s turned on I have power for running trains, flipping switches, growling, and seeing inside the open-faced cabinet in which all this good stuff is located.
If I neglect to turn off all the lights; they stay on reminding me I did not turn them off. Then my wife, who pays the electric bill and all other bills involving the movement of electrons turns them off.
KISS. Keep it simple stupidios.
Yes, there’s a big ass fire extinguisher readily available. There are two ways out. And I’ve been known to leave my soldering iron plugged in.  Hence, stupido.
Bernie Halloran

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